Creating belonging and diversity in the workplace.

At Workday, we believe that real change is needed to guarantee equity for everyone. And that change starts here—within our own organization.

It’s why we’re committed to building true belonging, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. We’re listening, making bold moves, and investing in our solutions to create a better world for all.

A workplace that works for everyone.

Creating a workplace of belonging and diversity is a journey. And we can help you get where you want to go. With our VIBE approach, we empower you to gauge everything from hiring and promotions to your people’s sense of belonging—so you can see where you stand and then take action.

Gain critical insight to drive positive change.

Where does your organization stand on diversity and inclusion today? Where should you focus your efforts to make the biggest impact? Workday helps you answer those tough questions so you can accelerate progress at your company.

Understand your organization and where you stand today.
Identify opportunities to focus your diversity and inclusion efforts.
Commit to a plan and monitor progress to achieve your goals.

Build a workforce that’s as diverse as the world.

Changing the workplace starts with changing how you hire and whom you promote. With Workday, you can remove bias at every step of the hiring process, from recruiting, screening, and onboarding through succession planning and leadership development.

Attract and hire a diverse workforce.
Develop leaders at every level, from all backgrounds.
Ensure inclusion and equal pay for equal work.

Nurture a culture of belonging.

Your employees want experiences that support, connect, and empower them. Workday helps you cultivate belonging by celebrating differences, welcoming contributions, fostering broader connections, and ensuring inclusion and equity.

Recognize individuality with personalized employee experiences.
Measure belonging with pulse surveys and feedback.
Connect employees to mentors, forums, and resources.

Fostering belonging, diversity, and inclusion at our workplace and yours.

Creating Belonging and Diversity in the Workplace with VIBE?

How do you create a culture of belonging and turn intent into impactful actions? In this webinar, we share our strategies for valuing inclusion, belonging, and equity for all and show how our solutions can help you enable change.

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Coming Together on the Path to Equality

Learn how companies, leaders, and organizations each play a role in building equality. Join the webinar with Workday leaders and discover ways to assess your intentions against outcomes and drive real change.

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Uniting at Workday for Social Justice

We’re taking action to examine our practices and accelerate progress in our company. Learn how we’re working together to create systemic change both within Workday and externally.

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Partners for change.

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